Beth’s Studio Testimonials

“My three sons have taken a combined twelve years of voice lessons with Beth Munce. Without a doubt, they would not be the singers, students, and young men they are today without her. Her technical teachings are second to none. Your kiddo WILL become a much, much better singer after working with Beth. I have always been amazed at how much each of my kids improved through the course of a year with her. But beyond the technical, Beth does so much more for her students. She teaches them to be true fans of music of all types. She teaches them how to be better students, those who are willing to take different approaches to problems, and who see that their hard work really does pay off. She will push your kids. She will hold them accountable. But always with love and a positive attitude. Weekly sessions with Beth will become part voice lesson and part therapy session. She cares about the entire person. And if your kid is thinking about pursuing music outside of high school, there is no one who can set them up for success like Beth. Two of my three sons went on to sing in college. When they auditioned they were prepared, professional, and they excelled. My kids earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in college scholarships for music. That wouldn’t have happened without Beth. Not that dollar figures are the most important thing, but it doesn’t hurt. The most important things are the lifelong love of singing that she instilled in them, the drive to do things the right way, and the ability to make even more beautiful music.” -Ryan Gerding, 2023, parent of Nick, Kyle and Jack

Over the past 3 1/2 years, Beth Munce has been an outstanding instructor and friend. She has taught me many valuable lessons. She cares deeply for all of her students, and does an amazing job developing the voice. I could have not asked for a better teacher. One of the more unique things about Beths teaching style is the acting she wants her students to incorporate while singing. I am personally involved in many musicals and it is important for me to be able to reflect what my character is feeling on stage. Every rehearsal I have had with Beth has been an amazing experience. She always cares about how I’m doing mentally and vocally, and has always supported me and my decisions. I wouldn’t be the performer I am today without her.– Kennedy Kinnick, 2022

Beth Munce is both a wonderful voice instructor and wonderful human being; I can not speak highly enough of how incredible she was to me as a teacher and a mentor. Beth Munce is an incredibly gifted teacher, she knows how to work with each individual voice and introduce proper vocal technique in an engaging and easily digestible way. Beth is not a teacher who will simply listen and congratulate; she has found a beautiful balance of encouraging her students in whatever stage of their vocal development they are at while always challenging musicianship, introducing new vocal technique, and pushing her students to achieve their very best. I also love that Beth does not simply focus on notes and rhythms: she pushes her students to explore storytelling and intertwine themselves in a piece of music. In addition to being a wonderful teacher, Beth Munce is an even more incredible human being. There was never a time I felt unwelcome in Beth’s studio; she is a very accepting and empathetic mentor who values her students as people and will do anything she can to help her students beyond the studio. Beth taught me so much about looking at the world around me through different lenses and exploring what I was passionate about. It is because of Beth that I am now studying music and Pepperdine. Without her I never would have believed I could take that risk, but Beth is the one who encouraged me to chase my passion and find my “why” in studying music. I would not be the performer, musician, or person I am without the mentorship of Beth Munce. Thank you Beth, for everything you have done for me and so many of your students.

Payton Ballinger, 2021

I cannot speak highly enough of Beth and her studio. My first voice lesson with her my freshman year had me immediately hooked. She gave me a glimpse into the world of voice that ignited a passion for learning all I could about my instrument. Throughout my 4 years of lessons, I never lost interest, rather she helped nurture a lifelong love for music and vocal performance. I would always look forward to my weekly lessons and being greeted with a smile. The tools I learned helped build a deep understanding of lasting concepts while encouraging critical thinking. I learned to assess myself and the sounds I was making while communicating with Beth as part of a team. My voice was developing and before I knew it I was making sounds I never knew was possible. The growth I experienced in my voice and knowledge of music cannot be understated. The technique I learned gave me an edge against the other people I would audition with in different theatre companies. I owe many roles to Beth’s teaching. Her knowledge of collegiate music programs is also unmatched in the area. I owe it all to her that I was able to attend my dream college. I cannot express my gratitude for all Beth has done for me and my sincerity of recommendation for anyone interested in this studio. They are more than just voice lessons, they are an assurance that you will become the most successful singer/ performer you can be. 

Jace Vendelin, 2021

Beth Munce has been the most wonderful teacher I could have asked for. In my whole
musical career, in any college audition, I never felt underprepared because of how well Beth
taught me. Sure, I have a knack for music when it comes to the notes and rhythms, but Beth
gave me the proper classical technique to get me into the schools of my dreams. And those
professors could tell that I must have had great teaching, because that is precisely what I would
hear after my auditions and performances.
However, and in my opinion, more importantly, Beth always made sure that I wouldn’t be
underprepared for the life of a musician. When I stepped into the studio for the first time at age
14, my idea of music was so black and white: sing the right notes at the right time. Don’t ever
mess up. Surely, I thought, that alone would lead me to success. I learned from Beth that music
is so much more than black and white. She taught me how to dive into the music and the text,
and feel, really feel the message from each song that I sang. She showed me how to put my
own passions and emotions into my talent, and thus, showed me what I want to do for the rest
of my life, sing.

All in all, Beth Munce is a wonderful teacher, musician, and friend, and I have had such an
amazing time as her student.
-Jack Gerding, 2018

When I was a freshman in high school, I knew music was important to me. However, it wasn’t my true passion yet, just something I enjoyed doing. That all changed when I started taking vocal lessons from Beth Munce. She not only taught me proper technique, but grew the love and passion inside of me for singing and creating music that I possess today. She also acted as more than just a teacher – she was a friend, mentor, counselor, and everything I ever could have needed. She doesn’t just care about teaching her students, she is genuinely concerned for their well-being, which I believe is what makes her special. That being said, Beth is also a phenomenal teacher. Through my studies with her, I was be selected for both All-District and All-State choirs, frequently received 1 ratings at district and state solo and ensemble, and I was accepted to all of the schools I auditioned for to study voice. Taking lessons from Beth was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I would recommend her studio to anybody who is looking for great instruction, but also for a lifelong friend. The Munces have truly been a blessing in my life, and it has been my honor to know them and study with them. -Amy Tippin, 2018

Abby Gast

I could not be more proud to speak about the amazing Munce vocal studio. I have been studying voice with Beth since I was a freshman, and it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Through studying with her, I have learned about proper vocal technique, developing impeccable musicianship, and following my artistic intuition, each aspect of which I am so grateful to have going into my college experience.  Beth and Chris both have shown me endless support and encouragement in all aspects of my high school career, as they have with all their students.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do past high school before I was involved in voice lessons and was participating in and learning about the world of choir under the direction of Chris.  He is responsible for introducing me to the vast expanses of what choral music can be.  After participating in both All-District Choir for three years and All-State Choir for two, I realized that music is the only path I want to follow.  Beth and Chris have challenged me with difficult vocal literature and encouraged my sight reading abilities so that I am a strong musician, and because of this I will be attending my dream School, Pepperdine University.  I will be studying vocal music there, as well as my other passion–percussion.  I’m so excited to be coming into the Pepperdine music program from not only Kansas City’s incredible reputation for wonderful music production, but more specifically the amazing foundation of having studied with the Munces.–Abby Gast, 2016

Kirsten Myers

The Munce Studio is one of both excellence and enjoyment. I began my private vocal instruction with Beth Munce as a high school freshman, and remained with her for four years. Beth’s instruction came highly recommended, and I was not disappointed. Each week I felt myself improving. Beth Munce enabled me to access parts of my voice that I had never explored before. Over time, she taught me how to place and use my voice, achieve a richer tone quality, and practice with healthy techniques. I also had opportunities to explore several styles of repertoire. At the recommendation of Beth, I competed in the National Classical Singer Competition in Chicago. I started at the district level and advanced all the way to the semifinal round. Being able to compete and advance to the final group of 56 out of 1000 in my division was exciting and memorable. Beth is also someone I can happily consider a friend. She spent a lot of time helping me on my college exploration journey. She constantly supports her students in every aspect. Her absolute dedication to each of her students is admirable. We laughed a lot and learned a lot. The knowledge I have gained working with Beth Munce is invaluable. Now as my high school career is ending, I feel thoroughly prepared to continue singing as I pursue a career in the arts. —Kirsten Myers, 2016

Adee Dancy

I started Concert Choir in my junior year of high school. Chris Munce took a major chance on me-  I hadn’t ever taken a choir class, I couldn’t read treble clef, and I had almost no idea what I was doing. That year was amazing for me. I learned so many things about choral singing and music that I had no idea existed. Not only did I begin choir, but I also began lessons with Beth Munce. She completely opened up my world to a new realm of music. It was for sure a struggle, because I was completely new to the entire idea of classical singing. Beth was so supportive and an excellent teacher for me. She is so knowledgeable on her subject but yet so kind- a truly rare combination, in my opinion. Her compassion and expertise combined together made for such a rewarding musical experience. Not only was Beth an incredible mentor and teacher, but she has also become a great friend and confidant. Beth has made such a positive impact on my life, and I honestly have no idea where I’d be without her today. I have a lot of “cello hang-ups” so to speak, and she helped me to approach the voice from the perspective of an instrumentalist. Beth always tried to come up with new ways to help me learn in the most creative ways, and incorporated my training in cello into my singing. I don’t think any other teacher would have been able to understand my musical brain in the way that she did, and I am forever grateful to her for putting up with my complex thoughts and my constant silly questions. In my senior year, Beth helped me to audition and make the lead role of Betty Haynes in my school’s production of White Christmas, the musical by Irving Berlin. I also made the school’s top chamber choir, Sounds of Summit; the KC-Metro All-District Choir, The All-State Sight Singing Bee and the Missouri All-State Choir. I received 1 ratings at District and State Contest, and also made the Vocal Performance program for the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance. Beth has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and become something great, and something that I’m proud of. This upcoming year, I will be majoring in cello performance at the UMKC Conservatory. Though I hoped I would be able to do both cello and voice as majors in college, it wasn’t in the cards for me. Of course, I will continue to sing and take lessons. Classical singing has made its way into my heart and I will always be grateful for Beth and Chris  Munce’s teaching and guidance. They truly changed and impacted my life. –Adee Dancy, 2014

I did not understand what music was until I met Chris and Beth Munce.  I grew up singing and dancing and I always dreamed that I would someday be a performer, but there is a level of musical understanding and a level of confidence that one must possess to be successful. I can say with full confidence that I would not be on the ladder to success if it were not for these two wonderful people. I had the privilege of taking voice lessons with Beth and performing in many choirs directed by Chris at Lee’s Summit High School. There are no words that can truly describe the love, passion, and dedication that they imparted to me. I started studying voice with Beth in my sophomore year of high school. She had the perfect balance of disciplining teacher and understanding friend, which, for the way I learn, is essential. She guided me through my high school years and helped me to grow vocally and as a person. They both gave me the confidence to stand up on a stage and not be afraid to share what I had to offer. And, I will be the first to tell you that, no matter what you think, they know what’s best. As a very stubborn person, I would often become frustrated when Beth wanted me to sing classical music. In my mind, I was strictly a Broadway singer and that was all that I wanted to be. However, Beth opened my eyes and ears to the beauty of classical singing and she opened my voice to a wider range, not only note-wise, but career-wise.Now, as a music major at Oklahoma City University, I still study both classical and musical theatre singing. I often look back and remember everything that Beth imparted to me. I would not have been prepared to enter the world of music and performance without her. She taught me to dissect music and feel it as an artist. I am also in my university’s top chamber choir, which daily brings me flashbacks of my years in Sounds of Summit. I would encourage anyone searching for serious vocal training with a heart to work with either of the Munces. There is no one else like them in the Kansas City area and I was one of the many who was blessed enough to have them in my life. I am so thankful. – Katelyn Baron, 2010

I have been performing in musical theatre since i was in the third grade. It has always been my passion to be a part of something magical and use my gifts to add some light into a person’s heart. I have had many, many, MANY voice teachers over the course of the years and some were better then others, but it wasn’t until my junior/senior year of high school that i found what i really needed. Beth Munce. She was so real with me. if something didn’t sound right she told me , if something sounded amazing it was like a day on Oprah and “everybody gets a car!!!” (she didn’t give me a car but that’s how excited she was for me) she was determined to make me see not only my talents but also that the goals i had were not out of reach. She taught me so much technique. I was raised in a Southern Baptist church and that’s where i started singing, and Beth, taking that into account, said “I love that about you now lets make that sound versatile.”  We worked on classical, musical theatre and the list goes on. She cared about what i wanted. I went on to get into Rockford College where i am currently a junior musical theatre major and loving every minute of it,  thanks to Beth. She helps me everyday just by what she taught me and I’ll never forget it. In fact, my freshmen year i was the only freshmen to get a professional job for the summer at a theatre in a long time at my school and i believe i was lucky enough to get it because I called beth and said i needed a quick brush up for an audition.She came to save me. i am truly grateful and feel blessed to have Beth as my mentor, friend, teacher and role model.–Ramaad Morris, 2008

My two years in Beth’s voice studio helped me more than anything with pursuing a life in music. I gained so much experience, knowledge, and, above all, confidence. When I first started lessons, I was a shy and very inexperienced singer. In choir, the teacher had trouble even hearing my voice above the rest. Through Beth’s teachings, I learned how to be a mature singer, using correct technique, as well as incorporating acting into my performance; I enjoyed this particularly, seeing as I hope to pursue theatre along with singing. Now, I can stand alone on a stage and carry an entire song with just my voice (which I have done several times already!) Also, the “one on one” atmosphere proves to be more helpful than a large choir, as well as really fun! I highly encourage new students to take a chance and start on this path that will lead you to a promising future. This vital step in choosing a good voice studio means you’re already on your way. You will end up learning more about music…and yourself! Best of luck to you all!–Tyler Fromson, 2010

Singing is on of the best ways for a people to express themselves. For me, it has always been something that I enjoyed and is now a big part of what I want to pursue. Taking private voice lessons through the Munce vocal studio is definitely one of the best decisions I ever made. I started taking from Beth my sophomore year of high school and although I had taken voice lessons before, Beth really helped me to reach my full potential. I am currently a part of the BFA Musical Theatre program at University of Central Missouri. You would be amazed at how many musical theatre kids think that classical training does nothing for you. It is exactly the opposite! Through my training with Beth, she helped me to not only extend my range, but she helped my become a better performer by showing me different techniques on how to break down a song and truly perform it. Classical voice training (in my opinion) is the foundation to any type of vocal performance that anyone could ever want to do. Beth’s training has taught me how to sing in a healthy way, extend my range and repertoire and most importantly, become a better performer overall. Chris and Beth pushed me to do my best and always gave me new challenges to overcome. Throughout  high school I was in the top choirs at LSHS, I made district women’s choir multiple years, and I received “I” ratings at both district and state contest two years in a row. I even got the chance to go to New York and perform in the NHSMTA (National High School Musical Theatre Awards) also known as the Jimmy’s. We performed on a Broadway stage at the Minskoff theatre and got to be featured in PBS’s documentary of Broadway or Bust!! None of this would have been remotely possible without the training and dedication of my teachers Chris and Beth. I am very thankful that I got to have the Munce’s not only as teachers and mentors, but friends and role models as well. – Brooke Myers, 2012

As a freshman in high school, I knew that music was my passion. I had studied violin privately for most of my life but fell in love with singing in choir. It became evident that I needed proper vocal training in order to excel. Taking lessons from Beth Munce has shaped me not only as a musician, but as a person. Beth never failed to emphasize the importance of perseverance when a newly-learned technique did not come easily. I will carry that value into my college and professional career.  Voice lessons made me more confident and driven to improve as a singer. I wish I had footage of me singing (more like murmuring on pitch) at my first lesson, and then at my last. The comparison would be stunning, as every aspect of my voice as improved. This fall, I am attending Westminster Choir College to study music education. I am thrilled to be attending a top-notch music school, an opportunity that I never would have received if Beth had not given me the necessary guidance. Although I am ready for another one of life’s adventures to begin, I will always remember that Beth opened the door to great things.– Mallory Murphy, 2013

I can honestly say that voice lessons with Beth was one of the most valuable things that I did in my time in highschool. from the very beginning I was brought into a professional yet welcoming learning enviorment, where I was trained to excel in singing in a way I never thought possible. I was blessed to receive many opportunities to use my voice in high school at an advanced level. I was chosen for the group Preludium my freshman and sophmore year, a high level honors choir at my high school for under classman. I also made it into the highest level chamber choir, Sounds of Summit, my junior and senior year at my highschool. Lastly I was given the honor of the lead role Georgia in our school’s musical Curtains my junior year. I believe these opportunities came as a direct result of the hard work put into lessons every week, and the conditioning given by a professional instructor. I do not think my accomplishments would have been possible otherwise. On a personal note, I cannot say with enough conviction the joy that is was to have Mrs. Munce as a teacher. She genuinely cared about me as an individual, and made every effort to teach me to the best of her ability. I am happy to call her my teacher but even happier to call her a very dear friend. She is truley the epitomy of a servant of others and I promise she will give you a hundred and ten percent. –Lois Miller

My mother once said to me, “It’s not only your parents that raise you, but it’s also your teachers that have a large part in your upbringing.” This statement epitomizes the experience that I have had studying vocal music with Beth Munce. I began taking lessons with Beth when I was 12 years old. For the six years that I have studied with Beth, I have grown exponentially as a musician and a person. From the start, Beth understood how to make me the best singer I could be. My lessons consisted of the technical training that I needed to become a strong singer, and the artistic guidance that I needed to become my own musician. Every lesson was a time for me to explore who I was as a singer. In the studio there was an atmosphere of openness, in which I was free to make mistakes and ask questions. Beth encouraged me to become an independent musician, and to have confidence in what I do, even when I make mistakes. Every mistake that I have made or challenge that I have faced in singing has turned into an essential part of my education. Not only did I receive a comprehensive musical education from Beth, but I also received a warm and welcoming energy from her every time I entered the studio. Beth and her magnanimous personality have been a great source of advocacy, and friendship over the years. I know how lucky I am to have had such a great role model in my life. The truth is, I have probably spent as much, if not more time at the Munce Music Studio than at my own home during my high school career. It is true that one’s teachers have a huge part in raising them, and at the Munce Music Studio, I know I have been in good hands.  Thanks to Beth Munce, I am equipped with the tools I need to be a successful musicmajor in college and to be a professional musician in the future. My lessons at the studio have prepared me to be an artful musician, a professional and hard worker, and an admirable person. My experience studying with Beth has instilled in me a love and passion for vocal music that will remain with me for the rest of my life. –Kaitlyn York

Kantorei KC

Kantorei of Kansas City is an actively recording and performing ensemble.

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